What We Are – Not Your Average “Boot Camp”

Since our inception, we thought of ourselves as the best “boot camp” in town, however, we soon realized we are not really a boot camp at all. We’re a group personal training company.

We are not ex-military and we don’t even own fatigues. We don’t bark orders through a bull horn nor do we degrade our participants. We are degreed and certified personal trainers bringing you the best results oriented and results driven group health and fitness program in Cleveland.

Our Mission

Cleveland Fitness Revolution is dedicated to transforming lives in the Greater Cleveland area and creating a whole new approach to fitness. By taking the ideals behind personal training into the group indoor/outdoor setting, Cleveland Fitness Revolution has produced incredible Health and Fitness results for hundreds of individuals.

Our overall goal is the improved health and fitness for our participants, but we also go beyond the actual fitness aspects and commit ourselves to building a better community.

Contact Info:

East Side Boot Camps:

Nate Miracle, BS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

West Side Boot Camps:

Dan Bednar, BS, ASFA – CPT