How do I sign up now?
Go to the registration page and fill out the registration form for your 2 week trial. Once we’ve received your registration information, we’ll send you a welcome packet with more specific details to get you ready for your first day of camp.

Why should I join Cleveland Fitness Revolution when I can join the “boot camp” at the local gym for free?
All of our Group Personal Training programs are run by certified and degreed personal trainers, not “aerobic instructors” like at typical gyms. All of our instructors have a degree in an Exercise related field and top certifications. Check out “How to Choose A Fitness Boot Camp“.

What do I need to bring to camp?
Bring a towel, water bottle, and wear a comfortable pair of either running shoes or cross training shoes.

How much does it cost?
One month of Group Training typically costs $169. However, we offer longer term membership options which are as low as $10 per session. We offer a free two week trial to all first time members. Our “Free” is 100% free, no need to pay or commit to anything upfront. After you complete your 2 free weeks, you can continue on a month-to-month basis for $169, or sign-up for 3, 6, or 12 month membership plan for a drastically reduced rate.

When can I join?
You can join anytime you want, as long as the cclass time is not already full. We follow an ongoing schedule, so there is no official start day. If the time you wish to join is full, we will put you on a first come first serve waiting list.

Will I be sore sometimes?
Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days. After that point, it is slight to moderate. We offer all our clients stretching and self myofascial release exercises for the off days to help minimize soreness and speed recovery.

What kinds of people join the program?
Our interval based workouts cater to all fitness levels. Our classes are structured so whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced exerciser you will get a great workout!

Is there a refund policy?
If you follow all our nutrition and workout advice, and still do not get results with our program, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. There will be no refund for unexcused absences, however, if you let us know you will miss a class, you can make it up during the next session.

What is a typical day like?
That’s difficult to say since each day is intentionally to challenge your body to change. We always start with a warm-up consisting of mobility and dynamic flexibility drills, and then move on to cardio interval training drills, metabolic strength training circuits, and core training.  Most of the workouts are time based, not rep based, and we change up the work intervals daily.  We use bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, sandbags, battling ropes,  suspension trainers (TRX), and resistance bands to give you a killer workout. Although it’s always an intense workout, you’ll always have fun! We teach you a great deal about proper form and “core stability.”

How soon will I see results?
Performance improvement can take place in as little as three days. “Visual Improvement” can take from two to four weeks depending on your effort level. It’s becoming common to see a camper go down 1-2 dress or pant sizes within the first camp. Remember, everyone is different! It all depends on the effort you put in at boot camp and how well you do at home with the nutrition component. You will get out what you put in.