Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

Even though we call our program “Boot Camp”, in reality, it is not like any typical “Boot Camp” program you find at your local gym. We like to think of it more as “Group Personal Training”, since we strive to bring the ideals behind one-on-one personal training into the group training atmosphere. 

All of our workouts are lead by certified and degreed personal trainers, not aerobic instructors like at the “big box” gyms. We do not work out with our clients. We make sure everyone is doing exercises with proper form and provide motivation through positive means. We are not military instructors and do not “bark” orders.

Our boot camp workouts are exciting and intense. The coolest thing about our program is the wide range of fitness levels and the diverse client demographic. We are experts with exercise progressions and regressions and in this way we are able to effectively challenge any and all fitness levels during the same workout.

Our custom audio interval training system soundtracks allow us to focus on our clients and step away from being time keepers on our watches. This way we can provide the safest yet most effective workout to our clients.

More importantly, our ability to provide twice the results  for only a fifth of the cost of typical Cleveland personal training rates has allowed people of all walks of life to get fit like never before!

The Workout

Each boot camp workout begins with with a complete, state-of-the-art warm-up emphasizing mobility and activation to best prevent unwanted injury and to allow for a more effective workout.

Once you are properly warmed up, we move into the main part of the workout which focuses on interval based metabolic strength training circuits. We focus on total body exercises that will boost your heart rate, engage your core, improve balance and coordination, and boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout. We use equipment that will challenge your entire body such as dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, suspension trainers, medicine balls, resistance bands, and more.

We also like to throw in some cardio interval training drills, direct core work working to stabilize your spine (unlike harmful exercises like sit-ups), as well as spice it up with challenge workouts, team games, and more.

The workout ends with some dynamic and static corrective  flexibility drills to cool you down.

What You Get

Not only do you get a great workout, all of our members also get:

– FREE Complete Nutrition Programing (Nutrition Guides, Food Journal Review, Meal Plans, Recipes)
– FREE Before and After Body Compostion Assessments
– FREE access to our member site, featuring all our nutrition materials, extra workouts to do on off days or missed boot camp days, articles on health and fitness, motivation and social support to reach their fitness goals
– UNLIMITED access to our trainers for support and guidance

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