Man Fit Boot Camp

Man Fit Boot Camp is a workout specifically designed for guys of any age or fitness level. Whether your goal is to burn off your beer belly, build rock hard muscle, hit the golf ball/softball further, increase energy, or just be able to chase the kids around the yard, this workout is for you!

This isn’t your typical boring gym workout – you will be using a combo of strength and strongman exercises using Sledge Hammers, Tractor Tires, Prowler Sleds, Kegs, Sandbags, Battling Ropes, Kettlebells, Barbells, and more.

Since the workout is interval based, we can accommodate any age or fitness level, from the most out of shape to the elite athlete. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduction of stubborn body fat  – especially from the abdominals
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increased total body strength
  • Increased core strength 
  • More Stamina and energy
  • Increased testosterone and sex drive
Here are the details:
Fitness Revolution Beachwood
Prestige Center Building

23400 Mercantile Road, Suite #4/5
Beachwood, Ohio 44122 


Tues/Thurs 7pm-7:45pm
Tues/Thurs 6:45am-7:30am (starting 8/19/2014)

4 week Blocks (8 sessions) – join anytime



$99 for 8 sessions per month

(FR Member/Spouse discount available)

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