Semi-private Personal Training

What is Semi-Private Personal Training?

:: Personalized Programming. Each Personal Training Client will have a personalized program designed specifically for them to precisely dial in our their unique goals and needs. We will be tracking all weights used, sets, and reps to make sure you are progressing toward your goals.

:: More Advanced Training. Because each session will have no more than 4 clients, each client will have more opportunity to work with a coach and this will allow for us to utilize more complex movements that can’t be part of larger group sessions.  We can pull out all the stops and use the best movements possible to accelerate your results.

:: More Individual Attention. Due to those more intimate session sizes (3-4 client per session) each client will get more personal attention than in any program we’ve ever offered before.

:: Accelerated Results.  More individual attention & higher skill movements mean that we can truly ‘release the brakes’ and get you the fastest results possible.

:: Target Your Individual Needs & Goals. If you have specific needs or goals that don’t fit directly into what we do in our group based offerings – this is the perfect way to maximize progress toward those.

Schedule (Beachwood only):

5:30am-6:30am Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri
6:30am-7:30am Mon/Wed/Fri
8am-9am Mon/Wed/Fri
9:30am-10:30am Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri
6pm-7pm Mon/Wed
8:30am Sat


Special Introductory Offer 

One Personal Training Session Per Week – $99/mo.

 **This is the perfect program to add on to your current program to accelerate results!

Two Personal Training Sessions Per Week – $189/mo. 

Three Personal Training Session Per Week – $279/mo. 

Normally it will be $29-42 per session, but for the introductory month only, your per session rate is less than $25!
To schedule a FREE consultation to see if semi-private training is a good fit for you, call or email Nate Miracle at 216.832.9212 or